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Estate and Trust work takes time…

Time to complete a Probate Inventory.

Time to complete a Probate Return of Claims and State and Federal Estate Tax returns.

Time to produce an estate final administration account.

Time to complete an accounting for a guardianship or conservatorship.

Time to produce a three-year trust account.

Time to respond to your client's questions about when all of this is going to be done.

We have the time to help you prepare all the required documentation necessary to keep your estates and trusts on track.

We can help with these matters as well as any other Probate matters – such as custody of the remains of deceased persons, adoptions, name changes, guardianships for minors and individuals with developmental disabilities, and parental rights and removal matters.

To free up your time and lessen your work load, we will handle as much or as little of the responsibility of a file as you wish. You will maintain control and oversight, increase productivity and your billable hours.